Summma International B.V.

Summma international B.V is a subsidiary of Summma S.A de C.V and acts as the European distribution hub. All of the products available from our warehouse are produced solely by Summma in one of our 6 GFSI certified plants in Aguascalientes Mexico . In a whole summma is FSSC 22000, something which is unique in this market and we take great pride in that. Summma international B.V is located in The Netherlands given its central European location and major ports of entry close by.

Besides having own brands such as Paw&Pantry and Canine chews we offer our products in bulk, private and white label per pallet and container. More information about our distribution processes can be found under “ how to order “. Since the both companies are within the same group, we can guarantee the highest quality and service anyone can expect.


From humble beginnings Summma has grown out to be one of the biggest dog chew producers in the world. With over 1200 members in staff today. Summma takes great pride in the certifications it has and the decades of experience and satisfied customers.

We take high regard of our responsibilities, we have our own water treatment facility and take good care of our 1200 family members. Summma being a family owned company is never forced to compromise the basic principles we stand for. All factories operate on a one shift per day principle, and respecting the weekends and holidays for them to spend time with their family and supporting their personal career chances.

Summma has 6 plants, and each one of them has a different task. To learn more about these plants we invite you to have a look here.